So, you’ve found my blog.  This is just a place where I can muse, rant, and kill time.  I will update it as I feel like it.  Let’s get some things out of the way:

  •  This blog is called “Alcatraz Swim Team,” but Alcatraz is closed and also, it was a prison.
    • How about you pretend you didn’t say that and I pretend that you get the joke and we all move on.


  • Is this blog about Alcatraz?
    • No, I don’t know anything about Alcatraz.  I’m not a doctor.


  • So, what are you, then?
    • I’m a professional physicist.  We don’t neglect air friction where I come from.  My name is MJ, I am a female born in 1986.  I play the drums, speak Korean, do physics, and crafts.  I currently reside in Annapolis, Maryland and complain about my first world problems.


  • What is this blog even about?
    • It’s about whatever I am thinking about that day.  I don’t know what you were expecting from a blog called “Alcatraz Swim Team.”


  • I bet you think you’re funny, huh?
    • On most days, yes.